THIS SUMMER we meet Kevin

This year, WeSoft recruited internship student from local and overseas universities like before in order to provide learning opportunities to students and cultivate potential talents who are interested in IT and Software technologies. Mr. Kevin Li, a Year 2 student studying Computer Science in Brown University in the United States joined us this summer. Currently, he joins our QA team and report to Matt Choi, Project Manager. His duty is mainly helping out smartphone testing projects involving both in office and offsite testing tasks. So far, he has worked with application testing as well as a web browser test automation project.


“As an intern, one thing I aim for is to learn something new every day, whether it be work-related or even totally unrelated to the current project I am helping out with. “said Kevin.

“I believe one of the advantages of being part of the QA team is the constant exposure to various testing methods, and opportunity to learn the process of how items we don’t think twice about using every day are tested, refined, and perfected. I enjoy coming to work every day because I look forward to each week as a chance to explore a new and different project from the last.”

When Kevin first came to WeSoft, he didn’t know that to expect out of his daily assignments and intern life. He explained he have heard from friends who have previously had summer internships, the consensus was that interns were there to learn as much as they can and understandably, were generally given a low level of responsibility, mostly helping out with administrative work.  However, the first week at WeSoft completely changed his mindset.  “I was treated with nearly as much responsibility as the other members of my team, and I was expected to train for and partake in the same projects they would be working on!”


What he has learnt from the job so far is, he has explored the ins and outs of software quality assurance. He has learnt the challenges that companies are facing when they try to optimize a product or service, and the process of these products or services are tested.

When we asked Kevin if he would consider joining WeSoft as an intern again or recommend others to join, the answer was very positive. Although his main responsibilities have included application and systems testing, he would definitely recommend WeSoft. The amount of exposure to different technologies and applications that an IT solutions and outsourcing company such as WeSoft gets is enormous; moreover, the QA team only makes up a small portion of the WeSoft, Kevin have not yet been exposed to the projects of the majority of the company and is interested to explore the other teams of WeSoft.


Kevin’s current plan after graduation is to work in the Fintech industry, quite possibly combining the two together. “I believe the IT/Software industry will play a greater role in the future, mainly because of how data-driven the world has become.” said Kevin. “At WeSoft, the exposure to the inner workings of software testing/quality assurance is something I find valuable in shaping prospective career paths for the future.”