Contract Services

You can retain our service and support team on call to answer questions, provide general system and network advice, design, and support; all of which are keys to emergency situations. Retainer-based, or “block of time” based arrangements are economical, make our resources available to you and your team, and provide optimum levels of ongoing service and support.

Our technical staff will be on call, but also provide regularly scheduled visits to monitor, manage, upgrade and maintain your network environment.

While virtually every product you purchase through us comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, frequently it is our service organization that fields your initial call or is dispatched by the manufacturer to solve the problem. You can enhance the level of service by entering into a service agreement directly with us. We’ll provide in-warranty, extended warranty, preventive maintenance, and, perhaps most importantly, “third-party” warranty service. Third party warranty service covers you when you add products to a system (such as memory, communications products, and peripherals) that are excluded from the system warranty.

When your computer users experience a problem that prevents them from getting their job done, who do they call for help? If you do not have the number of support staff and you need to keep your users running at 100%, you can contract our Help Desk to provide that first line of diagnostics and support. With services available up to 7x24x365, and with expertise in hundreds of hardware and software combinations, our Help Desk will quickly and accurately define a user’s likely problem and help get them operating again in the shortest possible time. We can be contracted to dispatch your staff, ours, or even the manufacturers for warranty service.