Smart Home

Home automation is becoming commonplace as technology is increasingly integrated with daily life. By allowing us to control and monitor our home remotely, home automation can achieve time and cost savings, facilitating in everyday activities.

WeSoft can create a platform for clients that takes full advantage of these possibilities. Our custom software designs have been successful in all branches of automation including healthcare, HVAC, and security. We have the capabilities to create a system from the ground up that meets any specifications.

There are several forms of home automation that homeowners can choose from. The most popular solutions perform Control and Security functions. For example, an electrical appliance and scene control system can set appliances on a timer or remotely activate them by a mobile device. This allows for a reduction in power usage as well as unnecessary wear on utilities.

Homeowners can also keep tabs on their household and monitor security with any internet enabled mobile device. In doing so they can rest assured knowing that their home is secure when on vacation or at work.
Home automation can be a valuable asset when it comes to environmental protection. A motion sensor system can detect when a person is within the vicinity and minimize energy usage without sacrificing efficiency. Automated HVAC units can maintain a conformable environment with the lowest energy consumption.