Cloud Computing and Service

Cloud computing solutions and cloud services can enable enterprises to improve efficiency and effectiveness by increasing productivity in the workplace. This allows enterprises increase revenue by saving time and costs.

Daily spending on vehicles, including maintenance, car washing, parking, fuel, etc. can be tracked and then automatically tabulated into monthly expense reports. Car owners can communicate with each other via chat services to discuss best practices for reducing costs. Users can look up information on vehicle specifications, weather conditions, and traffic conditions to plan for trips.

WeSoft partnered with Launch to design a vehicle diagnostic telecommunication software. It is a car terminals-based diagnostic system as well as a user networking app for car owners on mobile devices. Through the mobile terminal, users are provided with electronic control system fault diagnosis and vehicle dynamics data. The diagnosis system can communicate with a computer via a Bluetooth or direct connection to the mobile device allowing for users to have a comprehensive understanding of the vehicle.

WeSoft has extensive experiences in cloud computing services and strategic solutions. We are capable of creating an app that can seamlessly communicate with data in the cloud, providing effective protection for security and application of enterprise data.