Mobile Phone Testing

WeSoft helps phone makers and Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) test new products to ensure reliability and quality and, ultimately, inspire customer satisfaction.

WeSoft’s highly-experienced mobile phone testing teams can use best practices to test, measure and document the functionality and performance of mobile devices in a real-world environment across different network infrastructures.

Our people are trained on the latest GSM, 3G and W-CDMA technologies. We have built up an extensive knowledge base of mobile phone networks and operators in Asia Pacific. WeSoft is able to rapidly deploy skilled field test engineers who can provide rigorous testing, field trials and verification of solutions in many different countries throughout Asia and other parts of the world.

WeSoft can manage comprehensive testing assignments at any stage of the product development cycle from alpha phase through to the final, carrier-level acceptance phase. Our skilled engineers will put your device through a rigorous examination by analyzing voice/data quality, connectivity, functionality, and usability. We also perform Carrier Acceptance Testing and certification to support domestic marketing programs.

In-country field testing of devices against diverse networks, carriers, and access points allow our customers to bring dependable devices to the market in a timely manner.