Cloud Computing and Service

WeSoft helped a company develop software that can generate a daily spending report for a vehicle by collecting data on expenses such as maintenance, car washing, parking, and fuel costs. The software has a proprietary chat service which allows users to communicate and exchange information with fellow car owners. It can provide users with information on vehicle status, oil tank volume, and weather conditions.

This telecommunications software is a car terminal based and car-oriented networking software that connects mobile devices to vehicle computers. Through the mobile terminal, users are provided with information including electronic control system diagnosis and vehicle dynamics data, which enable real-time monitoring.
Data is transmitted through Bluetooth and professional vehicle diagnostics data can be demonstrated to the user graphically and visually, providing the user with a comprehensive understanding to the vehicle.

WeSoft has extensive experience in cloud computing services and strategic solutions, and is capable of migrating data to the cloud, provide effective protection for security and application of enterprise data.