eHealth Internet Solution

An eHealth cloud based internet solution can serve as a health database for medical institutions.

Today’s healthcare system increasingly relies on technological integration. Wesoft can create a platform to seamlessly link patients directly to their medical profiles. By creating a cloud based database patients can use computers and mobile devices to check on their health records. Patients can also access information on their current health status and learn about ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Wesoft teamed up with telecommunications enterprise PCCW to create the eSmartHealth system. The system integrates readings from the user’s pedometer, body composition analyzer, blood pressure monitor, and various other tools which upload the readings to the cloud. By linking these devices with the database users are able to monitor their own health and track their progress. These readings provide the user with a comprehensive overview of the user’s health. Users can then use this data to research ways to improve their health via eSmartHealth’s health resources.