[1 August 2014, Hong Kong] The Grand Opening Ceremony of We Software Limited was accomplished successfully on 29 July 2014 at headquarters of We Software Limited, Hong Kong Science Park. There were over 50 senior management executives from different business partners and clients attended the grand event.

Mr. Poon Tit Wing, Chairman of We Software Limited, Mr. Victor Poon, CEO of We Software Limited, as well as the honorable guests, Mr. Adam Au, VP, Engineering of Centrify, were glamorously present at the event. Mr. Poon Tit Wing, Chairman of We Software Limited gave a welcome address and thanks all guests for joining the special occasion. He recalled WeSoft was first established in 1997 and started with less than 20 employees. The company soon grew fast and steady, there are currently over 300 employees with 3 offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, China. He reckoned that there is great potential for information technology and software industry in coming years, and viewed the combination of software and various kinds of hardware, such as home appliances will be a big trend.

Mr. Victor Poon, CEO of We Software Limited added WeSoft will devote more resources on cloud computing, mobile app development, E-Living and E-Health solutions. He viewed there is a huge market demand on such aspects. He also introduced the new company logo to the guests, which represents a new corporate image — an energetic, modern and cutting edge technology Company. The honorable guest, Mr. Adam Au, VP, Engineering of Centrify Corporation, a long term client of WeSoft, also expressed his feeling and congratulated this occasion.

Mr. Poon Tit Wing, Chairman, Mr. Victor Poon, CEO, Mr. Charlie Chung, Engineering Director, Mr. Wilson Leung, Financial Controller of We Software Limited and Mr. Adam Au, VP, Engineering of Centrify Corporation came up and a ribbon cutting ceremony was carried out. They gave a toast and wished WeSoft a bright and prosperous future.

After a short office tour, all guests were invited to enjoy tea buffet and networking section. __________________________________________________________

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