Cloud computing solutions and cloud services enable enterprises increase revenue by saving time and costs or adding value to end customers. WeSoft offers cloud services such as PaaS (Platform as a service) and SaaS (Software as a Service), including consulting, system design and development, implementation, maintenance and support. The services are available on demand and the flexible business model helps enterprises to respond dynamical operation challenges.

Our expertise lies in the perfect fusion of platforms such as Windows, Unix, Linux and mobile internet platforms such as WP7, Windows Tablet PC, Android, iOS with the cloud platform.

Our software team is trained in the following:

  • Integrated chat services
  • Data collection and compilation
  • Health device monitoring
  • Corporate Active Directory systems
  • Single Sign on Systems
  • Microsoft .Net Frameworks
  • User Registration and Control

Solution highlight: Automobile After Sales Solution

The solution is based on internet, mobile communication and cloud services. It helps car owners to enjoy remote car diagnosis, sharing in social groups and mapping services by integrating resources of the entire automobile after sales market. Car owners can enjoy convenient service anytime and anywhere. The solution provides a real time communication platform for cars, car owners and technicians.

After connecting the specific device provided, the car is linked with cloud server. It can collect and upload different kinds of data to the cloud server. The server will record and analyze the data. Alert message will be sent to car owner when there is abnormal situation.

Remote car diagnosis

Owner can choose his own technician, any technician nearby or recommended technician through the platform. Communicate with technician and get diagnosis report instantly.

Free driving experience

Checking, remote car diagnosis, driving behavior, mapping, calling, and instant sharing. Owner can know the status of his vehicle anytime and receive convenient services.

Social sharing

User can form chat groups for different purposes to communicate with other individual or group users. They can also share useful information such as traffic situations and maps.

Mapping services

Owner can find his vehicle, search for nearby users, technicians and maintenance factories via mapping services.  User can share the traffic situation to alert all other users, obtain driving records and build electronic walls. Owner can check if his vehicle is within or outside the electronic walls.