Quality assurance is often regarded as extremely time consuming for its value and is often tossed aside in the development cycle, especially when a hard deadline must be met.
Our mission is to offer our extensive testing capability to relieve production strain on our clients’ companies while providing high levels of transparency. By doing so, our clients can reduce the overall length of the production cycle and achieve long-term cost and competitive advantages.

WeSoft strongly believes that sacrificing quality assurance to meet budget or schedule constraints is a bad business choice. Excellent quality assurance ensures that a project meets expectations of its consumers. WeSoft trains its employees extensively in current quality assurance and product testing practices. We strive to establish an effective testing infrastructure and process for customers to ensure product quality and reliability in real world conditions.

The benefits of product testing extend beyond risk reduction. Our customers will also be able to maintain tighter development schedules by integrating our product testing phases with business cycles of our clients. WeSoft can help customers define what they wish to achieve through the testing process and fully understand the return on investment and other benefits of a properly executed testing process.

Key Benefits and Values:
  • Lower testing costs in the project budget

  • Increase the effectiveness of testing by using test automation and tools

  • Comprehensive test management process to ensure best practices

  • Reduce time-to-market: significantly shorten testing cycles

  • Increase quality and client satisfaction

  • Reduce risk – ensure best practices and reduce production defects

  • Enhance Resource Management – Augment internal resources and focus on core competencies

  • Flexibility through “on demand” access to testing resources

WeSoft offers a wide range of SQA and testing services to cater for various industries’ needs.

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