WeSoft has helped numbers of enterprises in different industries developing software for either sales and marketing purpose or reducing operating cost.

Mobile application together with a web platform can serve an enterprise in various ways. One of our clients requested a total customer service solution. After service center received problems from customers, service center can select suitable technician and send the order to him through web platform. The technician will receive order by his smartphone and do onsite reporting and recording. He can also use the mapping function for remote jobs and check job list from time to time. Service Center can centrally allocate jobs to numbers of technician and keep tracking the job status. The solution increase customer service satisfaction rate and reduce operation cost.

WeSoft is also experienced in software development and SQA Testing for consumer electronics and mobile products. We are capable to develop applications which enable interaction of PC, mobile and the product via different connection such as USB, Bluetooth LE etc. We have an internal design team and able to offer UI design service. All applications can be tailor made to best fit client’s purpose. For unexperienced clients, we will provide consulting sections and help customers define what they wish to achieve and fully understand the feasibility, cost and outcome.