Digital Health Information System

Through the Internet of Things era, healthcare devices are getting smarter and connected. Most importantly, they are getting less expensive and affordable in the recent years. With the rich experience in building cloud-based software solution and integrating with hardware devices. WeSoft developed an integrated smart healthcare solution for elderly and improves the quality of life by letting them staying at home and stay healthy.

Features & Benefits

  • Integration of Health Devices to various system

    It allows a real time service and operation monitoring, immediate alerts and notification and health condition trend analysis. Provides data adaptor for easy integration to other system.

  • Centralized workflow management and task logging

    It enhances the efficiency and accuracy of data tracking and tracing.

  • Peace of mind for the caretaker and Family members

    Family members can view and monitor health data and daily activity of the resident, and get instant alert when accident occurred.

  • Support different types of senior care facilities

    Individual home, Senior Condo and Nursing Center.