WeSoft has extensive experience in the software development cycle and can create platforms from the ground up. By following a detailed development schedule, WeSoft keeps clients up to date on projects from start to finish, ensuring timely delivery of products as well as post-production technical support.

Many enterprises are beginning to turn towards mobile application usage as mobile technology improves. Corporations can now take full advantage of mobile devices by creating custom applications for their employees that enhances communication effectiveness and maintains market competitiveness.

Our company also has a strong background in enterprise application software development services and has developed products for enterprises in various industries. WeSoft specializes in home automation, Single Sign-on systems, corporate employee database systems, Game software development, and eHealth databases. In addition, we have experience in Intranet / Internet portals, directory applications and enterprise security solutions, network management, customized embedded platforms for handheld devices, multi-platform application systems migration (including Mac, Unix, Linux), and mobile app development.

Our staff has experience developing software incorporating many internet technologies, including Web Services, XML, AJAX, ASP.NET, as well as J2EE on Windows platforms and iOS platforms. We also have experience with USB device handling and interface (mass storage, barcode readers, etc.), Flash/Director application programming based on Macromedia, graphical user interface design and integration, software updates and digital rights management, C/C++, C#, Objective C, Kerberos, LDAP, SSPI, and MMC supported platforms. Our products are compatible with Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux (SuSe, RedHat, Debian), Sun Solaris 9, 10, HP-UX, IBM AIX, along with more than 190 kinds of popular platforms, with multi-language support development.

In addition we have experience in music portals with purchase of store value cards and back-end maintenance, Point-of-Sale Systems, GUI terminal applications, backend database design and programming, and custom applications for the PDA (Windows Mobile).