WeSoft is experienced in developing IoT solution with devices, mobile app and cloud platform for different purpose and industry. From data analysis, UI design, application development to SQA testing, we offer a one-stop solution to clients and helping the clients to launch their product carefree.

Solution highlight: Smart Home

WeSoft helps home appliance manufacturer to develop smart home appliances software such as water heater, air conditioner, air purifier, floor heater, security system and smart-switches which remotely control doors, windows and lightings. Besides independent smart home appliances, WeSoft also provide complete home automation solution by integrating numbers of home appliances. Our service includes front-end application development for iOS, Android and Window platforms, and cloud server solution. Devices are connected by USB and serial port, and wirelessly connected by Wi-Fi, BLE and Zigbee.

Water Heater

Intelligent water heater provides a convenient, safe and environmental friendly user experience comparing to traditional water heater. We developed custom made mobile application and built in software, users can control and monitor the water heater by mobile devices.

Air Conditioner

When the climate changes, data such as temperate, humidity and air pollution will be collected by the built –in sensor. The home appliance will automatically adjust according to the setting of users.

Air Purifier

Air pollution is a big concern nowadays and with the solution developed by WeSoft, users will be able to control, check and monitor their air purifiers and air pollution level of their home remotely by smart phones.

Floor Heater

Household floor heater can be intelligent and controlled remotely. For users’ convenience, different modes are available, and they can check their house’s temperature by smart phone anywhere anytime. Floor temperature of different rooms can be controlled separately. It also provides cooling function and lower room temperature in summers. The system records monthly and yearly energy consumption and analyze power consumption pattern.