For example, we designed and developed a web enabled USB toy for children worldwide. The B2C product is a 3-tiered solution with a backend application and a desktop application working with a music mixer device connecting to PCs via USB link.

The desktop application connects to the backend system via Web Services and in turn interfaces with the device to synchronize data with the web portal in the cloud. The web portal was developed using AJAX and Flash technologies and supports interactive drag-and-drop features for users to arrange sound clips and preview their musical creations online. An online store with microtransactions allows users to purchase and add new sound packs to their collection. The program also implements digital rights management (DRM) technologies to enhance copyright protection.

The System backend was developed using ASP.NET and integrates with the Web Service front end. A customer support internal site integrated with Corporate Active Directory allows users to easily troubleshoot issues within the user interface. The software is designed to be scalable to tens of thousands devices selling in the global market.

Quality Assurance

The benefits of product testing extend beyond risk reduction. Our clients will also be able to maintain tighter development schedules by integrating our product testing phases with business cycles of themselves. WeSoft can help clients define what they wish to achieve through the testing process and fully understand the return on investment and other benefits of a properly executed testing process. Besides, keeping a comprehensive set of testing devices, such as smartphones, and an internal testing team is costly. The devices will probably be outdated in short period of time and there will be idle workforce which cause wastage. Having an experienced and trustworthy testing vendor, our clients are able to ensure all testing projects are well recorded and reduce repeated errors. Also, testing result from a third party testing organization will be more convincing to end consumers.

Besides, Wesoft also offers field test solution. By taking care of all logistical support we are able to provide a simplified way for our clients to ensure that their product meets their practical needs.

In addition to physical support, we provide a full range of technical support to our operators. Wireless carriers may have restrictions on subscriptions to full service SIM card in different countries, our service offers a variety of methods for subscribing to full service SIM cards to meet our testing needs.