We can offer customers an array of integration services through our Systems Department. You can think of the Systems Department as a custom PC manufacturer. The highly skilled technicians in this department can build a system from “scratch”, and custom configure industry standard components.

They can also install, configure, and test third party components such as additional storage, multi-media, memory expansion, network interface cards, and modems into systems that you purchase from us.

Our systems Department encompasses over 10,000 square feet of staging area, where we build and configure entire networks-servers, PC’s, hubs, routers, and switches. We’ll install all hardware, load and configure server and client network operating system software, and test the completed LAN. We’ll deliver the “ready-to-run” network to your location for your team or ours to deploy on site.

Our System Department is state of the art, meeting or exceeding manufacturers’ standards for criteria such as electrostatic discharge (ESD). When you request that a unit or network installation be “burned in”, we utilize factory-level testing procedures and software, stressing all subsystems, ensuring that it is functioning as specified.